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To order by phone Now call us toll free
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Call us toll-free now to get started! 1-844-467-2953

By calling us now and answering a few simple questions we will be able to confirm coverage for your supplies, tell you your estimated co-pay if there is any. If you prefer to check online please feel free to use the Check for coverage box to the right. With only a few details we can receive your request, check coverage and respond to you via email or telephone.

How Payless Medical Supplies works to "Bill My Insurance"

When you need medical supplies and want to use your health insurance plan to cover those supplies that's alright with us, we're able to directly bill nearly all American health insurance companies or organizations electronically. Regardless of your plan or where you live, give us a call now and in just a minute or two we can tell you if we are able to bill direct to your plan. No hassle and no obligation. We use some of the most advanced and secure electronic billing procedures available today. Whether checking eligibility or submitting your claim our systems are fast and reliable, and we don't share your information with anyone outside of our direct billing procedures.

Information we'll need to start your "Bill My Insurance" account.

Your name, address, date of birth and phone number. The information on your health insurance card as well as any secondary or supplemental health insurance information, including: your policy number or ID number, group number and health insurance plans telephone number. Your diagnosis (ICD 10 code) or underlying condition (In most cases we are able to obtain this information for you). The prescribing doctors name and phone number, or that of the doctor treating your condition and or your primary care physician. Your valid email address so we can communicate with you electronically. We then send you a couple of standard forms we will need you to review and sign in order to communicate with your health insurance provider on your behalf.

Now that we have the information your insurance provider will need, we:

Communicate with your doctors office to verify your prescription information is accurate. Verify we have selected the right products chosen by you or prescribed by your doctor. Contact your health insurance provider(s) to verify your policy and eligibility. Contact you to verify nothing has changed and to confirm your order.

Do I have to do this every time I order from Payless Medical Supplies?

Thankfully once you set up your Payless "Bill My Insurance" account you won't have to do it again. If anything changes with your policy we may have to edit your information but that should be it. Sometimes an insurer may request additional information before we can process your claim, if that happens we'll let you know and collect the additional information and resubmit.

I'm ready to get started what should I do?

If you're ready to get started with your Payless Medical Supplies "Bill My Insurance" account just give us a call toll free at the number at the top of this page or use the tool on our home page to "Find out if your supplies are covered in a few simple steps". Once you submit your information in the two step process we will receive it and get started right away on verifying coverage for your products... It's that simple.. Why not give us a call now to get started.

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Find out if your supplies are covered
in a few simple steps.

Customer Information

The documents provided to you below are a great resource for you to better understand some key elements in how we operate. Please feel free to click below to learn more about each topic. Remember, you can always call us or email us to request more information.